September BPW Meeting Bumpy But Fun!

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thankyoucakecropFrom the moment we got the call this afternoon that our meeting was bumped from the private room to the restaurant due to a double booking, I started preparing for a bumpy ride. Mani, the manager was in the hospital for some critical surgery, so there was no way around, but through and forward. We all had to think on the fly. Our first night in the new venue and we were jam-packed into the room with our members and guests. I think we improvised quite well. Many thanks to our understanding guests and for the last-minute technical help with our power point presentation (as the original plan for this also changed) from the New York Grill staff and new member Bilkis Laher! Guests and staff handled it fantastically well. The evening was pumped with positive energy from beginning to end.

BPW Abbotsford President, Arlene Simpson joined me in giving a slide show presentation on The Canadian Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW Canada) 2016 Convention that was held last month in Calgary, which we both attended. We reported on what we had learned from our time at the convention. Our report had a lot to squeeze into a short time. Womens’ Empowerment Principles, Mentoring Programs, Equal Pay Day, Resolutions and Commendations, Community Relationships with Rotary and Educational Organizations, Schools and Universities, New York Leadership Summit, International Congress in Cairo, Membership Growth were some of the topics covered at national. This year’s convention also marked the Centennial Year of Women’s Suffrage in Canada, as well as 85 years since the start of BPW International.

Service recognition awards from BPW Canada were given out by Langley President, Deanna Evertt, to three of our members for membership, service, and dedication. Hanna Konkin – 60 years, Jill Worobec – 30 years and Barbara Hall – 25 years. We are very proud that they are charter members and mentors in our Langley club. We are so grateful to them for their dedication and commitment to improving the lives of women and girls, their families and communities.

Langley President Deanna Evertt honours Charter Member, Hanna Konkin for 60+ years of service in BPW Canada.

Langley President Deanna Evertt honours Charter Member, Hanna Konkin for 60+ years of service to BPW Canada.

Langley President Deanna Evertt honours Charter Member, Barbara Hall for 25 years of service in BPW Canada.

Langley President Deanna Evertt honours Charter Member, Barbara Hall for 25 years of service to BPW Canada.

Langley President Deanna Evertt honours Charter Member, Jill Worobec for 30 years of service to BPW Canada.

Langley President Deanna Evertt honours Charter Member, Jill Worobec for 30 years of service to BPW Canada.

Part of the presentation tonight included video messages to BPW Canada from Sophie Gr?goire Trudeau and from the Right Honourable David Johnston, The Governor General Of Canada. Both congratulated BPW Canada on the work we have done and continue to do, for the women in our country and communities. It is apparent that BPW Canada has had, and continues to have, an immense impact on Canadian women.

We are pleased to welcome two new members. Bilkis Laher and Tanya Morneau both joined our club tonight and several new guests left with membership forms promising to return next month. The New York Grill & Bistro surprised us with an absolutely delicious chocolate truffle cake and coffee for dessert to thank us for our understanding. We would also like to thank all of our new guests and members for their understanding and patience. Together we all made it work and the bumpy ride turned out to be exhilarating! It was great fun. So honoured to be a servant-leader locally in such a heart-centered group that spans the globe with consultative status with the United Nations and many other associations worldwide.

Next month’s dinner meeting on October 19th, our guest speaker will be Dale Choquette, CPP, DTM ? Master Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Athlete. Her presentation will be ?The Platinum Rule? 4 Secrets to Personal Chemistry and Productive Relationships. Looking forward to another exhilarating event – see you then!

Mary Reeves nominated for the 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards

Business & Professional Women (BPW) Langley is proud to congratulate one of our Charter Members, Mary Reeves on her nomination for the 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards in the category of Non-Profit. I have known Mary since I was in my 20?s (so a very long time) and she has always been an inspiration to others and particularly to me. I admire her courage and grit. As the article states “Mary epitomizes values-based leadership”. She is a true visionary and absolutely passionate about helping people reach their full potential in every walk of life. It is a true honour to have her on our BPW Langley team. Let?s cheer her on!

Here’s the full article?about her from?the Metro Vancouver YWCA website:

A community-minded leader with a fierce passion for helping people to reach their full potential, Mary Reeves, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Langley (BBBSL), cultivates leaders in her community. Under Mary?s leadership, BBBSL has risen to the top 10% of BBBS member agencies, fulfilling its mission to provide young people with the highest quality, volunteer-based mentorship programs. Mary?s vision has led BBBSL to build relationships and formalize partnerships with mayors and councils, MPs, businesses, public service organizations and schools. While sitting on the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce?s Board of Directors, Mary initiated its first Non-Profit Committee, where she connected local organizations and led educational workshops. With decades of experience leading community-based initiatives, Mary epitomizes values-based leadership.

(Photo from YWCA Metro Vancouver website)

Deanna Evertt
President, BPW Langley


February Monthly Dinner Meeting Full of Heart-Centered Energy

Our Business & Professional Women (BPW) Langley?monthly dinner meeting was held on February 17th at the Sandman Signature Hotel Langley. Not only was the room full, it was full of energy! And it was?a wonderful type of energy that comes from the heart ? women that congregate to advocate for others.

BPW Langley Advocacy Efforts
Tracy Scanks, BPW Langley?s 1st Vice President and head of our advocacy committee, gave a brief overview of our efforts there. Our upcoming fundraiser ?Undies4Advocacy? set for March 31st at the Dublin Crossing Irish Pub is well underway. Many sponsors are supporting us including:

? A New Leaf Naturopathic Clinic
? Camille Bowling, Ketopia
? Dublin Crossing Irish Pub
? Darman Group
? Elizabeth Ettiquette
? EverBetter Marketing
? eVision Media
? Vickie Mitchell, Royal LePage Wolstencroft Realty

Large and medium sized posters were handed out to be put up. If you would like to put some up, just contact us ( and we will send you a file you can print off.

Tickets were sold at the end of the dinner meeting and if you weren?t there, you can pick yours up at the March dinner meeting. Tickets are also available through our website here.

BPW International Update
Jill Worobec, past 1st VP of BPW International gave us an update on what has been happening on the national and international BPW level. She mentioned the upcoming BPW events with The Leaders Summit coming up March 11th & 12th in New York and The Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Auckland, New Zealand April 9th and 10th.

It is this global network of members, professionals, business leaders and mentors working together that sets us apart from other business and networking clubs and offers our Langley members a world of opportunity. Jill recently connected with the BPW Africa Regional Coordinator, Adenike Adeyanju-Osadolor, whom sent her gratitude for what we have done and are doing here in Canada for the ?Bring Back Our Girls? Boko Haram campaign.

Pamela Chatry, Keynote Speaker

Pamela Chatry was our keynote speaker for the evening and shared her presentation ?Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus?. Pamela spoke about the state of women, business and entrepreneurship. A few notes:

? Over the past 15 years, there has been a 50% increase in the number of self employed women.
? Self employment is the number one way for women to create a living for themselves
? The fastest growing group of women are those over 55 years old.
? Women own one-third of all Canadian companies and they pay the salaries of nearly 2 million people.
And a couple of sobering thoughts:
? In spite of the growth, women are only making approximately 70% of what their male counterparts are making.
? The average annual income for a self employed business woman is $50,000.

This needs to be changed. We need to help and empower women. Pamela went on to talk about the monkeys in our lives and how to get them off our back. There were many valuable tips she shared. I can?t remember them all, but here?s a few that I do:

? Take routine tasks and delegate or hire someone to do ie; housework, book keeping, etc. Give someone else a job.
? Don?t try to do everything yourself. Delegate. Do what you enjoy and what you are passionate about.
? Cut down and get control of your email and social media usage. Don?t let it control you.
? Take time off for YOU and enjoy it. Dance in the sun. Free yourself.
? Bring back Sundays. Remember when Sundays were days where we just relaxed and sometimes did absolutely nothing
? Don?t take on other people?s problems, even if it is family. Especially in the work place. People need to make mistakes, fall down and pick themselves up to learn and grow.
? We are women, we automatically want to help, nurture and take over other?s lives that need help and sometimes we have to learn to say no.
? Nomophobia: The fear of being out of mobile phone contact.

Then to end her presentation, Pamela made us all stand up, raise our right hands and do the ?not my monkey promise? and to do this every time we feel overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out and just plain over-doing it.

So if you missed the dinner meeting, here are a few photos from the evening taken from a mobile phone, of course, and as I write this the online world is still buzzing with lots of loving after-effects of her talk.

And now that I am finished this and have posted on our website and social media, I am raising my right hand to go offline as promised??Not My Monkey, Not My Circus.?

PS Don?t miss next month?s dinner meeting on March 16th with guest speaker, Cecelia Reekie. Reekie, a former Langley school trustee is now working as a cultural presenter, sharing the stories of residential school survivors, a group that includes her own father.

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BPW Langley News October 2015

BPW Langley News

Starting Off The New Season with Action!

BPW Langley launched the new “From Advocacy To Action Series” in September with The Honourable Sue Hammell, MLA as the guest speaker for the September 16th Dinner Meeting. In October, Tara Teng, Canadian Model, human rights activist, blogger, public speaker and television presenter will be the guest speaker.

BPW is mainly an advocacy group, preparing resolutions and presenting them in the form of a brief to the appropriate Provincial and National Government Ministers and to the Opposition Critics.

As a newly chartered club in 2014, we have been learning about BPW, growing our club and discovering what we would like to do as a club. The Langley club has chosen Violence Against Women as it’s priority theme and, of course, this would include any barriers to Women’s Equality.

BPW monthly dinner meetings are at 6 pm on the 3rd Wednesday, except for December when the meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday. There are no meetings in July & August. RSVP/email to: or visit our website for more information.



Tara Teng
Canadian Model, human rights activist, blogger, public speaker and television presenter

Tara Teng was named Miss BC World in 2010, Miss Canada in 2011, and Miss World Canada in 2012, despite withdrawing from the corresponding swimsuit competitions. Teng works as an abolitionist against human trafficking, using various social media to raise awareness to her cause.

Jill Worobec
BPW International 2nd Vice President, Membership Chair

Jill travels worldwide on behalf of BPW International and will be back from the BPW North American Regional Congress on November 6-8, 2015 hosted at the Westin Grand Caymen Seven Mile Beach Resort. Jill will have the latest exciting news from BPW and give an exciting presentation on the global aspect of BPW. She will show us how we can create resolutions, lobby the government and use our ties with Bpw Canada and international to get results for women in our communities.

BPW Langley 2nd Annual Christmas Social & Silent Auction

Last year’s event was a huge success! We raised over $700 for the Salvation Army Gateway of Hope. With another year under our belt, we are expecting an even bigger and better event this year and 1st Vice President Tracy Scanks is leading the way for us. Come join us for a fabulous evening ? all for a good cause. Husbands, friends and guests are all invited too!


Advocacy Group Meeting
@ 6 ? 7 pm Murrayville Town Pub, 22070 48a Ave. Langley

A special group of ‘movers and shakers’ meet for about one hour per month on the issue of Violence Against Women & Children. Our dynamic leader is 1st Vice president, Tracy Scanks. Everyone is invited to attend or help out in any way you can. If you are interested email: or connect with her at one of our dinner meetings. You will be contacted regarding the date of the meeting each month.

The Honourable Mary Polak
MLA, Langley

Mary Polak is currently vice-chair of the Environment and Land Use Committee, and is a member of the Cabinet Working Group on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and the Priorities and Planning Committee. Previously, she served as the Minister of Children and Family Development and Responsible for Child Care, and Minister of Aboriginal Relations.

Daphne Branham
Columnist, Vancouver Sun

Daphne Branham has been a columnist at The Vancouver Sun since 2000. She is a three-time winner of the Beyond Borders Media Award for her investigative work on the polygamous community of Bountiful, B.C. and for a series on sex tourism in Cambodia. Her book on Bountiful – The Secret Lives of Saints: Child Brides and Lost Boys in Canada’s Polygamous Mormon Sect – was published in 2008 by Random House and was a finalist for three national non-fiction book awards.

BPW Underwear Fundraiser

Our advocacy group is still in the planning stages with this event. If you have some ideas to help the evening, we welcome you to join our committee. It will be a fun evening that will give ‘support’ to women in our community. Panties, bras, stockings, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories to add to the clothing we have collected. We will also continue to collect gently used suits and career apparel at our dinner meetings between now and then.


Celebrating 85 Years!
In August 2015 BPW Canada celebrated its 85th anniversary. Since 1930, BPW Canada has worked steadfastly to improve the economic, political, social and employment conditions of women by developing their professional and leadership potential through education, awareness, advocacy and mentorship.

The Federation is a non-sectarian, non-partisan and non-profit organization that comprises of almost 40 clubs and 600 members across the nation. As part of an International Federation, which has Consultative 1 Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, BPW Canada takes immense pride in its strong history and legacy.

BPW Canada Vice President Appointed to Committee by Ontario’s Minister of Labour
Linda David, Vice President for Resolutions has been appointed one of the four advisors to the government’s new Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee by Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Kevin Flynn. We couldn’t be more proud and excited.

Advocate for Women’s Empowerment Honoured by United Nations
Sheila Crook, a proud member of BPW Canada’s Bowmanville chapter, has been named by UN Women as one of its Global Champions for Womens’s Economic Empowerment. We at BPW Canada feel blessed to have Sheila as one of our members and will support her in any way we can on this new endeavor.
Photo: BPW Bowmanville member Sheila Crook (left) with International’s Past President, Freda Miriklis and Canada’s Past President, Doris Hall (right).

Campaign to Elect a Woman UN Secretary ? General
We have had 8 male S-Gs and our 9th should be a woman! has launched a campaign to do just that and we strongly encourage each and every one of you to sign on. Visit to learn more about the campaign and join it now! We can do this!