Child Poverty Report Card with Adrienne Montani

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Adrienne Montani, with First Call BC, Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, shared with us the shocking statistics of child poverty in BC. 1 in 5 BC children is living in poverty, and some groups are much more highly affected than others (including single parent families led by females). The average family is $10,000 below the poverty line.? She also shared some of the encouraging work the First Call member organizations are doing on behalf of children and youth, to prevent poverty and give them a better chance in life. For example, they have worked to prevent child support from being clawed back from Income and Disability Assistance so that the money actually goes to the parent to provide for the child.


Although it was rainy and blustery and many of us were late, we were all glad that we came out to hear this inspiring speaker and enjoy each other’s company.


Vice-president Vickie Mitchell and speaker Adrienne Montani.? Our president, Deanna Evertt, is away on vacation.

After the speakers, we took some time for Table Talks again to refine our advocacy ideas from last time. The Vancouver Council of Women is also working on the Highway of Tears issue, and has sent a letter to the Ministry of Transportation regarding bus service on Hwy. 16. At our September meeting, we discussed whether we could do something about the new tax laws for small businesses; at this meeting, we were informed that the government has realized some of the issues and is rethinking the matter already. Our fifth topic, support for newly single women, resonated most with us this time and tied in neatly with some of the issues Adrienne talked about.? For example, she mentioned $10/day childcare, and this ties in with empowering single mothers to upgrade their life skills and education and gain stable employment.

Our next Resolutions Committee meeting is at 6 pm on Wednesday, October 25th. If you are interested in joining us, please use our Contact Form to request the address.

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Susan Friesen on Personal Branding and Advocacy Table Topics

Wed, Sept 20th 2017
Guest Speaker – Susan Friesen

Susan FriesenLangley Business & Professional Women’s (BPW) dinner last evening featured an engaging presentation by Susan Friesen of eVision Media on The Power of Personal Branding & How to become a Positive Influence Through Social Media!

As Susan demonstrated, “Personal Branding is the means by which people remember you.”

The question is, “how do you want to be remembered?” Susan used her own story to describe what personal branding involves, and the benefits of being aware of it. Susan also educated us on some do’s & don’t’s of personal branding through social media.

Susan, thank you for an enjoyable & informative presentation!


Through our Table Topics activity, we brainstormed some great ideas for the upcoming year of resolutions.?We are excited about the work our Resolutions Committee is doing. Come join us as we advocate for women!

Resolution passed and April Lewis kept us laughing at BPW Langley’s April Meeting

Our April 19th dinner meeting was well attended with members and guests networking and sharing information. We had some good news. Our Resolutions Committee has been working diligently led by mentor Barbara Hall who introduced and thanked the members. The resolution on the subsidization of long-acting birth control was voted on and passed unanimously. This will be presented at our Provincial AGM in June.

Resolutions Group April dinner meeting

The guest speaker, April Lewis, the author of ?Lovingly Arrogant?, shared her incredible journey with much humour. She began her career in Social Work and after working her way into a very good position there came a crisis in her life when her job became redundant. Everyone was laughing as she described, with brutal honesty, how she began rebuilding by finding out what was meaningful to her.

April Lewis. April dinner meeting

This was all documented in her book which she said was her baby. Many members purchased signed copies.

April Lewis Signing books. Vickie May

Thank you, April, for sharing your story with us.

Our next meeting will be 5:30 pm May 17 th at Andreas Restaurant, 20227 56 th Ave. Langley. For more information please visit

by Jill Worobec