October Meeting with Dale Choquette, The Platinum Rule and Table Talk

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Our October 19th Dinner Meeting was fully packed with information, table discussions, networking and empowerment. Much was accomplished. Members and guests formed discussion groups with their tables about ideas for resolutions that our BPW Langley club could research, work on and develop into resolutions that we could submit to provincial and national levels. At the September meeting, member Rebecca Ouwehand, suggested a resolution around subsidized birth control so that reproductive choice is made available to all women regardless of financial circumstances. This was further discussed during the meeting and other ideas from our members that came up during the workshop were: senior housing/homelessness (this is an alarming and growing part of our population), economic balance and financing for struggling women, environmental concerns about feminine products, child support revisions, more support for fertility issues, affordable and flexible daycare (night shifts, swing shifts, casual on-call work), support for single seniors, and more.

The guest speaker was Dale Choquette and the title of her keynote presentation was The Platinum Rule. Dale was engaging and informative as she spoke about two main personality divisions: Outgoing/Reserved and Task/People Oriented. The combination of the two divisions form four quadrants called DISC, which stands for Direct, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious. Brief advice and tips were given about how to become more effective when interacting with these different personalities. Using this knowledge one can gain insights to build better, stronger and more fulfilled relationships in every aspect of one’s life. More information about the DISC program may be found through Dale’s website at Dale also gave everyone in attendance a complimentary copy of her book Excuse Me, I’m Being Audacious. Thank you, Dale Choquette, for your generosity and time with us.

Photo: Dale Choquette autographs her books for?BPW Langley October dinner meeting guests.

Note: Again the noise level at The New York Grill & Bistro in the back room was bothersome to say the least. We may be looking at changing to another venue in the new year if this continues.